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SourceLead Crowdsourcing helps firms to make the recruiting process faster other than traditional approaches.Through building the relationship with vast resources & recruiters. Due to the nature of the marketplace, all independent recruiters find the most qualified candidates.

  • Split-fee recruitment
  • Saving Time & Effort
  • Availability of scarce resources for the client
  • Effective Marketing
  • More emphasis on the ability to place a candidate

Job Seeker

As a sourceLead professional,
you have the access to all open and crowdsourcing requirements,
you can apply or can refer a friend.

  • Search requirements
  • Apply, get placed & help your referral to get paid
  • Refer friend & Get paid
  • Track applicant
  • Manage your contacts

Freelance Recruiter

As an independent recruiter, you have the access to all crowdsourcing requirements, you can refer qualified candidates to the requirement or you can apply on behalf of the candidate.

  • Search requirements
  • Refer/Submit Candidate & Get paid
  • Track applicant
  • Manage candidates database
  • Manage your contacts

Power Sourcing

How confused is the multitude of candidate profiles? How much a candidate profile is worth to the ecosystem adding to the magnitude of confusion? Well, Sourcelead helps you get the right worth with POWER SOURCING feature. We ensure to ascertain the fair value of your time and effort. One intriguing solution from Sourcelead as it offers the rich candidate data with great ease.

  • Relevancy Score with Skill- match
  • Suggests the best suitable profile for job
  • Easy selection and check-out option
  • Time efficient
  • Affordable
  • Easy payment option using Sourcelead wallet
  • Reduces effort
  • Valuable data

Benefits of SourceLead

Integration which provides a one-stop solution to entire recruitment life cycle with a single login to Clients, Vendors and Candidates.

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