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Sourcelead Inc is committed to protecting the privacy of our users, and strives to provide a safe user experience. This Privacy Policy describes how we collect and use online data.By using this site or application, you agree to the collection, use and transfer of your data as described in this Privacy Policy.If you have any concern about providing information to us or having such information displayed on our Services, or otherwise used in any manner permitted in this Privacy Policy and User Agreement, you should not become a Member or visit our website.

Scope of this policy

This policy applies to information we collect or use on sites and applications owned and controlled by Sourcelead Inc, or its affiliated brand (“Crowdsourcing”).We link to other websites over which we have no control. Crowdsourcing is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of other websites. You may wish to review the privacy policies of those sites so you can understand how they collect, use and share your information.

1.  Information we Collect

Our Privacy Policy applies to any Member or Visitor. We collect information when you use our Services to offer you a personalised and relevant experience, including growing your network and enabling business/personal opportunities.Irrespective where you are based, the personal information provided to or collected by our Services is controlled by Sourcelead Inc, 221 Okhla Phase 3, New Delhi – 110020, India.

1.1  Registration and Profile Information

We collect your information in the following ways when you use our sites and applications. We collect information directly from you such as your name, contact information, gender, your professional and educational experience, your resume, whether you are currently looking for a job and its associated preferences, your connections and your employment preferences. We also collect information from you that helps build your online profile presence and to provide you more customised services (for example: recommendations in terms of people, jobs, companies, other content, more relevant ads and career opportunities). You understand that, by creating an account, we and others will be able to identify you by your Crowdsourcing profile. We may also ask you for your credit card details if you wish to purchase certain additional services.

1.2  Other Services that Sych with Crowdsourcing

We collect information when you sync non-Crowdsourcing content – like your email address book and mobile device contacts – with your account.You may use our address book or “Import Contacts” (or other similar features) to upload your address book and other connections into our Services. We store this information (including phone numbers) and use it to help you manage and leverage your contacts in connection with our Services. We also use this information to enhance your experience with our Services by helping you to grow your network by: identifying your contacts that are already Members of our Services; providing a template to send invitations on your behalf to your contacts that are not Members; and suggesting people you may know (even if not in your contacts) but are not yet connected with you on our Services (as we may infer from your shared connections or shared managers, employers, educational institutions and other such factors). We may also use this information to show you and other Members that you share the same uploaded contacts who may or may not be Members.Please note that when you send an invitation to connect to another individual on our Service (a “connection”) or to join our Service to connect with you, that person may have access to your email address or, for SMS invitations, mobile number because it may be displayed in the invitation. After sending these invitations, we may also remind your invitees of your invitation on your behalf. Your Crowdsourcing connections will also have access to your email address. Whilst we will refrain from spamming your invitees, we may send them frequent reminders on your behalf as we see fit.We make other tools available to sync information with our Services, and may also develop additional features that allow Members to use their account in conjunction with other third-party services.Another example are software tools that allow you to see our and other public information about the people you email or meet with and leverage our Services to help you gain insights from and grow your network.

1.3  Customer Service

We collect information when you contact us for customer support.When you contact our customer support services, we may have to access your mails, job posts and other contributions to our Services and collect the information we need to categorize your question, respond to it, and, if applicable, investigate any breach of our User Agreement or this Privacy Policy. We also use this information to track potential problems and trends and customize our support responses to better serve you.

1.4  Using our Websites and Applications

We collect information when you visit our Services, use our mobile applications, and interact with advertising on and off our Services.We collect information when you use (whether as a Member or a Visitor) our websites, applications,) or other Services. For example, we collect information when you view or click on ads on and off our Services, perform a search, import your address book, follow a Company Page, Give and Receive recommendations, Upload your CV, Post or Apply for a Job, State that you are open or not open to new job opportunities, or install one of our mobile applications. If you are logged in on, or another Service or one of our cookies on your device identifies you, your usage information and the log data such as your IP address will be associated by us with your account. Even if you’re not logged into a Service, we log information about devices used to access our Services, including IP address.

1.5  Using Third Party Services and Visiting Third Party Sites

We collect information when you use your account to sign in to other sites or services, and when you view web pages that include our plugins and cookies.You allow us to receive information when you use your account to log in to a third-party website or application. Also, when you visit a third-party site that embeds our social plugins we receive information that those pages have loaded in your web browser. If you are logged in as a Member when you visit sites with our plugins, we use this information to recommend tailored Crowdsourcing content to you. We will use this information to personalize the functionality we provide on third-party sites, including providing you insights from your professional network and allowing you to share information with your network. We may provide reports containing aggregated impression information to companies hosting our plugins and similar technologies to help them measure traffic to their websites, but no personal. If you are not a Member, we rely on the online terms between you and our partners.

1.6  Cookies

We use cookies and similar technologies to collect information.As described in our Cookie Policy, we use cookies and similar technologies, including mobile application identifiers, to help us recognize you across different Services, learn about your interests both on and off our Services, improve your experience, increase security, measure use and effectiveness of our Services, and serve advertising. You can control cookies through your browser settings and other tools. By visiting our Services, you consent to the placement of cookies and beacons in your browser and HTML-based emails in accordance with this Privacy Policy, which incorporates by reference our Cookie Policy.

1.7  Advertising Technologies and Web Beacons

We may use advertising technologies and web beacons to collect information. By using our Services, you consent to our use of beacons and other advertising technologies.We may target (and measure the performance of) ads to Members, Visitors and others both on and off of our Services through a variety of ad networks and ad exchanges, using the following, whether separately or combined:

We do not share your personal information with any third-party advertisers or ad networks for advertising without your separate permission. Your profile is visible to other Members and through public search depending on your settings. Also, advertising partners may associate personal information collected by the advertiser directly from you with our cookies and similar technologies.We may show you sponsored content in your network update stream (NUS), which will be designated as sponsored content and will behave like other NUS updates. If you take social action (for example, if you “like” or “comment” on the sponsored content), your action may be seen by your network and other Members who are shown the sponsored content after you have acted on it.

1.8  Log Files, IP Addresses, and Information About Your Computer and Mobile Device

We collect information from the devices and networks that you use to access our Services.When you visit or leave our Services (whether as a Member or Visitor) by clicking a hyperlink or when you view a third-party site that includes our plugin or cookies (or similar technology), we automatically receive the URL of the site from which you came or the one to which you are directed. Also, advertisers receive the URL of the page that you are on when you click an ad on or through our Services. We also receive the internet protocol (“IP”) address of your computer or the proxy server that you use to access the web, your computer operating system details, your type of web browser, your mobile device (including your mobile device identifier provided by your mobile device operating system), your mobile operating system (if you access Crowdsourcing using a mobile device), and the name of your ISP or your mobile carrier. We may also receive location data passed to us from third-party services or GPS-enabled devices that you have set up, which we use to show you local information (for example, jobs postings in your location) on our mobile applications and for fraud prevention and security purposes.

1.9  Other

We are constantly innovating to improve our Services, which means we may create new ways to collect information on the Services.Our Services are a dynamic, innovative environment, which means we are always seeking to improve the Services we offer you. We often introduce new features, some of which may result in the collection of new information. Furthermore, new partnerships or corporate acquisitions may result in new features, and we may potentially collect new types of information. If we start collecting substantially new types of personal information and materially change how we handle your data, we will modify this Privacy Policy and notify you accordingly.

2.  How we use your Personal Information

2.1  Consent to Crowdsourcing Processing Information About You

You agree that information you provide on your profile can be seen by others and used by us as described in this Privacy Policy and our User Agreement.The personal information that you provide to us may reveal or allow others to identify aspects of your life that are not expressly stated on your profile. By providing personal information to us when you create or update your account and profile, you are expressly and voluntarily accepting the terms and conditions of our User Agreement and freely accepting and agreeing to our processing of your personal information in ways set out by this Privacy Policy. Supplying to us any information deemed “sensitive” by applicable law is entirely voluntary on your part.

2.2  Crowdsourcing Communications

We communicate with you using messaging, email, and other ways available to us. We may send you messages relating to the availability of the Services, security, or other service-related issues. We also may send promotional messages to your inbox.We communicate with you through email, notices posted on the Crowdsourcing website, messages to your inbox, and other means available through the Services, including mobile text messages and push notifications. Examples of these communications include: (1) welcome and engagement communications - informing you about how to best use our Services, new features, updates about other Members you are connected to and their actions, Daily Digest emails etc.; (2) service communications - these will cover service availability, security, and other issues about the functioning of our Services; (3) promotional communications - these include both email and Crowdsourcing messages and may contain promotional information directly or on behalf of our partners, including job opportunities and information from companies/individuals that are hiring. These messages will be sent to you based on your profile information and messaging preferences. We track the open rate of your Messages to provide your Message acceptance score. Please be aware that you cannot opt out of receiving service messages from us.

2.3  User Communications

With certain communications you send on our Services, the recipient can see your name, email address, and some network information.Many communications that you initiate through our Services (for example, an invitation sent to a non-Member) will list your Name and Company Name in the header of the message. Messages you initiate may also provide the recipient with aggregate information about your network (for example, how many people are in your network). Any details you mention under the Private Info will not be visible to other Members, unless they subscribe to the Recruiter Licence in the future.When you apply for a job, your information necessary for that job application, including your Private Info (should you choose to) will be sent to the Job Poster.

An important Note about your CV

When you create or post a CV, we store it in our database in Singapore. You may use your CV to apply online to a job. If you do, your resume will be transferred to the relevant employer/individual, who may retain a copy of your CV or distribute it to third parties.Information in your CV will be accessible during any Search query conducted by a normal user (defined as someone who has not taken a Recruiter licence). However your CV will not be displayed during a search result. Therefore when an User conducts a search query of “java”, and in the event that your online profile does not contain “java” but your CV does, your profile will still be displayed in the Search result and the User will be intimated that you match his search query.We attempt to limit access to our CV’s to legitimate Recruiter licence users (defined as users who have taken a paid subscription of this licence), but cannot guarantee that other parties will not gain access to this database. We cannot control the use made of CV’s by third parties who access the database. Once your CV has been disclosed, Crowdsourcing is not able to retrieve it from the third parties who accessed it.You may remove your CV and profile from our database at any time. If you do not have an account with us, we may require you to provide us with information about yourself so we can locate your profile and delete it. However anyone who viewed your CV or profile may have kept a copy of it in their own files or databases. Accordingly, you should not put sensitive information, personality profiles, or other information you would not want made public, in your resume or profile.If you provide us with details of a reference, it is your responsibility to ensure that the person is aware that you have forwarded his/her details and has consented in writing for you to do so.CV’s or profiles you give to us must not contain sensitive data relating to your (i) racial or ethnic origin (ii) political beliefs (iii) philosophical or religious beliefs (iv) membership of a trade union or political party (v) physical or mental health or biometric details or genetic makeup (vi) addictions, sexual life (vii) the commission of criminal offences or proceedings and associated penalties or fines, (viii) the commission of any unlawful or objectionable conduct and associated penalties, or (ix) any Social Security Number or national identification number as is relevant in your country. If your CV or profile does contain this information, then you agree that it is at your own risk. We cannot control third parties’ access to such information from our database.

2.4  Posting or Sharing a Job

When you post or share a job in your company, your public details will be available to all other Members and Visitors who view that job. We may also choose to share these job details on other third party sites, including search engines and social media sites in order to promote your post. When you close a job, we will archive those jobs and this information may still be available with other third party sites who have this information.

2.5  Hi’er Rating

Your Hi’er Rating will be used by us to show to other Members on the pros and cons of sending you job applications for any jobs you have posted on Crowdsourcing. An user can give you a Hi’er Rating, post you accepted an user’s job application, and AFTER that user has been offered a job or rejected during the interview process. An user will judge you based upon how they felt you supported them during the application and interview process. This is a direct interaction between you and other users and we will not be able to modify any ratings you receive.

2.6  Award

When you post or share a job in your company, and if you choose to offer an Award to other Members, please note that the award you offer and related information will be visible to all Members and Visitors who view that job post, including your colleagues in the same company.

2.7  Service Development: Customized Experience

We use the information and content you provide to us to conduct research and development and to customize your experience and try to make it relevant and useful to you.We use information and content that you and other Members provide to us to conduct research and development for the improvement of our Services in order to provide you and other Members and Visitors with a better, more intuitive experience and drive membership growth and engagement on our Services and to help connect professionals to economic opportunity.We also customize your experience and the experiences of others on our Services. For example, when you sign in to your account, we may display the names and photos of new Members who have recently joined your network or recent updates from your connections, companies you follow and jobs you may like. We try to show you content, such as connections, companies and jobs, that is relevant to you, your company, or your profession. We also use Members information and content for invitations and communications promoting our Services that are tailored to the recipient.

2.8  Sharing Information with Third Parties

Any information you put on your profile and any content you post on Crowdsourcing may be seen by others.We don’t provide any of your non-public information (including everything you mention under Private Info, whether you are looking for a job and your CV) to third parties without your consent, unless required by law, or as described in this Policy.Other people may find your Crowdsourcing profile information through search engines or use other social media services in conjunction with your Crowdsourcing account.The visibility of your professional profile to other Members depends on your degree of connection with the viewing Member, the subscriptions they may have, their usage of the Services, access channels and search types (e.g. by name or by keyword). Please note that Recruiter Licence users will also be able to access your CV, whether or not you are open to jobs, your contact information and all information under the Private Info section, irrespective whether they are connected to you or not.We do not rent or sell personal information that you have not posted on our Services, except as described in this Privacy Policy. We will not disclose personal information that is not published to your profile or generated through engagement with our other services, such as Company Pages or Jobs you have applied, except to carry out your instructions (for example, to process payment information) or unless we have your separate consent, unless we have a good faith belief that disclosure is permitted by law or is reasonably necessary to: (1) comply with a legal Job or process, including, but not limited to, civil and criminal subpoenas, court orders or other compulsory disclosures; (2) enforce this Privacy Policy or our User Agreement; (3) respond to claims of a violation of the rights of third parties; (4) respond to Member service inquiries; or (5) protect the rights, property, or safety of Crowdsourcing, our Services, our Members, Visitors, or the public.

2.9  Search

Our Services help you search for other professionals, companies and jobs.You can search for Members, employment opportunities and information about companies on our Services. For example, you can find Members with particular expertise or experience, or Members that you may know from your industry or profession. You can also find employment opportunities and information about companies. We use personal information from our Services, including Member profiles, Groups content, and Company Pages, to inform and refine our search service.

2.10  Company Pages

Companies can create pages on our Services. If you follow one of these pages, public information about you will be provided to the page’s administrators.Company pages on the Services are visible to all members in Crowdsourcing, and any communications or information shared through them will be accessible by the entity that created them. If you follow an organization, you will be listed among its followers, which can be viewed by others including the page owner. We use aggregate information about followers and viewers to provide data about such pages’ performance (for example, visits and updates).

2.11  Compliance with Legal Process and Other Disclosures

We may disclose your personal information if compelled by law, subpoena, or other legal process, or if necessary to enforce our User Agreement.It is possible that we may need to disclose personal information, profile information, or information about your activities as a Member or Visitor when required by law, subpoena, or other legal process across jurisdictions, or if we have a good faith belief that disclosure is reasonably necessary to (1) investigate, prevent, or take action regarding suspected or actual illegal activities or to assist government enforcement agencies; (2) enforce the User Agreement, investigate and defend ourselves against any third-party claims or allegations, or protect the security or integrity of our Service; or (3) exercise or protect the rights, property, or safety of Crowdsourcing, our Members, personnel, or others. We attempt to notify Members about legal demands for their personal information when appropriate in our judgment, unless prohibited by law or court order or when the request is an emergency. In light of our principles, we may dispute such demands when we believe, in our discretion, that the requests are overbroad, vague or lack proper authority, but do not commit to challenge every demand.

2.12  Disclosures to Others as the Result of a Change in Control or Sale of Sourcelead Inc Internet Pvt Ltd

If there is a change in control or sale of all or part of Sourcelead Inc Internet Private Ltd (owners of, we may share your information with a third party, who will have the right to use that information in line with this Privacy Policy.We may also disclose your personal information to a third party as part of a sale of the assets of Sourcelead Inc Internet Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary, or division, or as the result of a change in control of the company or in preparation for any of these events. Any third party to which we transfers or sells our assets will have the right to continue to use the personal and other information that you provide to us in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy.

2.13  Service Providers

We may employ third parties to help us with the ServicesWe may employ third party companies and individuals to facilitate our Services (e.g. maintenance, analysis, audit, marketing and development). These third parties have access to your information only to perform these tasks on our behalf.

2.14  Data Processing Outside Your Country

We may process your information outside the country where you live.We may transfer your information and process it outside your country of residence, wherever Crowdsourcing and its service providers operate.

3.  Your Choices & Obligations

3.1  Rights to Access, Correct, or Delete Your Information

You can change your Crowdsourcing information at any time by editing your profile or deleting content that you have posted You have a right to access, modify, correct, or delete your personal information controlled by Crowdsourcing regarding your profile.Please note: Information you have shared with others (for example, through Job Posts, Job Applications, messaging, updates) or that others have copied may also remain visible after you have closed your account or deleted the information from your own profile. Your public profile may be displayed in search engine results until the search engine refreshes its cache.

4.  Important Information

4.1  Minimum Age

You have to meet Crowdsourcing’s minimum age Jobs to create an account.

4.2  Changes to this Privacy Policy

We will notify you when we change this Privacy Policy.We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make significant changes in the way we treat your personal information, or to the Privacy Policy, we will provide notice to you on the Services or by some other means, such as email. Please review the changes carefully. If you agree to the changes, simply continue to use our Services. If you object to any of the changes to our terms and you no longer wish to use our Services, you may close your account(s). Unless stated otherwise, our current Privacy Policy applies to all information that we have about you and your account. Using our Services after a notice of changes has been communicated to you or published on our Services shall constitute consent to the changed terms or practices.

4.3  Security

We store your data on industry leading third party managed servers. However please know that the Internet is not a secure environment, so be careful and select strong passwords.Access to your data on our Services is password-protected. However, since the Internet is not a 100% secure environment, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information that you transmit to us. There is no guarantee that information may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed by breach of any of our physical, technical, or managerial safeguards. It is your responsibility to protect the security of your login information. Please note that emails, instant messaging, and similar means of communication with other Members are not encrypted, and we strongly advise you not to communicate any confidential information through these means. Please help keep your account safe by using a strong password.


We welcome you to and we appreciate you using our site. When you use our Products and Services, you are agreeing to our terms, so please take a few minutes to read the User Agreement below.Please note that you are entering into a legally binding agreement.

1.  Introduction

Our mission is to make Hiring simpler and more effective. We are a social hiring site and our products and services are designed towards making professionals and companies connect with each other in the most transparent and productive manner.

1.1  Agreement

You agree that by clicking on “Sign Up” or similar, registering, accessing or using our Site, you are entering a legally binding agreement (even if you are using our Site on behalf of a company). Irrespective where you reside, your agreement is with Sourcelead Inc, India. Our Agreements may use Sourcelead Inc or Crowdsourcing interchangeably but they refer to the same entity.This “Agreement” includes this User Agreement and the Privacy Policy may be amended by Crowdsourcing from time to time. If you do not agree to this Agreement, do NOT click on “Sign Up” (or similar) and do not access or otherwise use any of our Product or Services (used interchangeably but will cover both).Registered users of our Services are “Members” and unregistered users are “Visitors”. This Agreement applies to both.

2.  Obligations

Here are some promises you make to us in this Agreement.

2.1  Service Eligibility

To use the Services, you agree that: (1) you must be the “Minimum Age” (defined below) or older; (2) you will only have one Crowdsourcing account which must be in your real name; and (3) you are not already restricted by Crowdsourcing from using the Services.“Minimum Age” means 16 years old for all countries. However, if law requires that you must be older in order for Crowdsourcing to lawfully provide the Services to you (including the collection, storage and use of your information) then the Minimum Age is such older age. The Services are not for use by anyone under the age of 16.

2.2  Your Membership

As between you and others, your account belongs to you. You agree to: (1) try to choose a strong and secure password; (2) keep your password secure and confidential; (3) not transfer any part of your account (e.g., connections, postings) and (4) follow the law and the Dos and Don'ts below. You are responsible for anything that happens through your account unless you report misuse.

2.3  Notices and Service Messages

You agree that we may provide notices to you in the following ways: (1) a banner notice on the Service, or (2) an email sent to an address you provided, or (3) through other means including mobile number, telephone, or mail. You agree to keep your contact information up to date.

2.4  Messages and Sharing

Our Services allow messaging and sharing of information in many ways, such as your profile, job postings, job applications and messaging. Information and content that you share or post may be seen by other Members or, if public, by Visitors. Where we have made settings available, we will honour the choices you make about who can see content or information. Note that other activities, such as applying for a job or sending a Message, are by default private, only visible to the addressee(s). Your Contact and Private Info will only be visible to users who have taken the Recruiter Licence on Crowdsourcing UNLESS you choose to share this information with another Member when you apply for a job.We are not obligated to publish any information or content on our Service and can remove it in our sole discretion, with or without notice.

2.5  Awards

When you post a job, we offer you the option of offering a financial award to candidates that encourages them to apply thru you, thus allowing you to earn any employee referral bonuses your Employer might offer. (For example, your Employer might have offered a referral or hiring bonus/service fee of USD 1000 and you choose to share USD 500 of this referral bonus/service fee with applicants, provided they get selected and meet your mentioned terms). Please note that this may be a legally binding agreement between the two parties according to the law of your Country.Similarly when you apply for a job and the job poster has offered an award, and in the event that the job poster does not honour his/her agreement, you may choose to pursue this legally according to the law of your Country.Please note that you understand and agree that Crowdsourcing has no legal or financial obligation in such agreements and we are not an associated party to this. As such, you waive off all rights from pursuing a financial or material claim against Sourcelead Inc and our affiliates in all such scenarios.

2.6  Hi’er Ratings

A Hi’er rating represents your reputation as a Job Poster. It’s made up of comments and ratings from other job applicants whose applications you choose to accept for a job vacancy you advertise, irrespective of whether they are hired post the interview process or not. As a job poster, it is expected of you to help the applicants (whose applications you accept) with the necessary information on the vacancy and your company, and offer guidance on the interview process. The applicants will rate you on the overall help and information you extend as part of the application process.Please note that you understand and agree that Crowdsourcing has no obligation in getting involved in this feedback mechanism, nor can we hide or delete any negative feedback you get from the other party.

3.  Rights and Limits

3.1  Your Licence to Crowdsourcing

As between you and Crowdsourcing, you own the content and information that you submit or post to the Services and you are only granting Crowdsourcing the following non-exclusive license: A worldwide, transferable and sub-licensable right to use, copy, modify, distribute, publish, and process, information and content that you provide through our Services, without any further consent, notice and/or compensation to you or others. These rights are limited in the following ways:

You agree that we may access, store and use any information that you provide in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy and your settings.By submitting suggestions or other feedback regarding our Services to Crowdsourcing, you agree that Crowdsourcing can use and share (but does not have to) such feedback for any purpose without compensation to you.You agree to only provide content or information if that does not violate the law nor anyone's rights (e.g., without violating any intellectual property rights or breaching a contract). You also agree that your profile information will be truthful. Crowdsourcing may be required by law to remove certain information or content in certain countries.

3.2  Service Availability

We may change, suspend or end any Service, or change and modify prices prospectively in our discretion. To the extent allowed under law, these changes may be effective upon notice provided to you.

Crowdsourcing is not a storage service. You agree that we have no obligation to store, maintain or provide you a copy of any content or information that you or others provide, except to the extent required by applicable law and as noted in our Privacy Policy.

3.3  Other Content

By using the Services, you may encounter content or information that might be inaccurate, incomplete, delayed, misleading, illegal, offensive or otherwise harmful. Crowdsourcing generally does not review content provided by our Members. You agree that we are not responsible for third parties' (including other Members') content or information or for any damages as result of your use of or reliance on it.

3.4  Limits

Crowdsourcing reserves the right to limit your use of the Services, including the number of your connections your ability to contact other Members and your ability to apply for or post jobs. Crowdsourcing reserves the right to restrict, suspend, or terminate your account if Crowdsourcing believes that you may be in breach of this Agreement or law or are misusing the Services (e.g. violating any Do and Don'ts).Crowdsourcing reserves all of its intellectual property rights in the Services. For example, Crowdsourcing, “hi” and Hi’er logos, our mascot imagery, and other Crowdsourcing trademarks, service marks, graphics, and logos used in connection with Crowdsourcing are trademarks or registered trademarks of Crowdsourcing. Other trademarks and logos used in connection with the Services may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

4.  Disclaimer and Limit of Liability

4.1  No Warranty


4.2  Exclusion of Liability


5.  Termination

You may terminate this Agreement at any time with notice to the other. On termination, you lose the right to access or use the Services. The following shall survive termination:

6.  Dispute Resolution

You agree that the laws of New Delhi, India, shall exclusively govern any dispute relating to this Agreement and/or the Services. We both agree that all of these claims can only be litigated in the courts of New Delhi, India, and we each agree to personal jurisdiction in those courts.

7.  General Terms

If a court with authority over this Agreement finds any part of it not enforceable, you and us agree that the court should modify the terms to make that part enforceable while still achieving its intent. If the court cannot do that, you and us agree to ask the court to remove that unenforceable part and still enforce the rest of this Agreement. This Agreement (including additional terms that may be provided by us when you engage with a feature of the Services) is the only agreement between us regarding the Services.If we don't act to enforce a breach of this Agreement, that does not mean that Crowdsourcing has waived its right to enforce this Agreement. You may not assign or transfer this Agreement (or your membership or use of Services) to anyone without our consent. However, you agree that Crowdsourcing may assign this Agreement to its affiliates or a party that buys it without your consent. There are no third party beneficiaries to this Agreement.We reserve the right to change the terms of this Agreement and will provide you notice if we do and we agree that changes cannot be retroactive. If you don't agree to these changes, you must stop using the Services.You agree that the only way to provide us legal notice is at the addresses provided in Section 10.

8.  Crowdsourcing “DO’s” and “DON’Ts”

8.1  Dos. You agree that you will:

8.2  Don'ts. You agree that you will not:

9.  Complaints Regarding Content

We respect the intellectual property rights of others. We require that information posted by Members be accurate and not in violation of the intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties. If you have a complaint regarding any content, please use our “Give Feedback feature.

10.  Contact Us

If you want to send us notices or service of process, please contact us: